Binary MLM Software for Network Marketing Business

How Binary MLM Compensation Plan Works?

A Binary Compensation Plan follows a two legged structure. They are called the Left Leg, and Right Leg. Here every new MLM agents are added in either the right or left subtree. When one subtree is called a Power Leg or Profit Leg, then the other leg is called either a Profit Leg or a Weak Leg. Whereas, a Binary MLM software is a web application which makes the managing of entire network marketing business smooth and easy. It helps to generate reports, calculate commissions and much more.

In short, they helps to reduce the manual works done by MLM companies and it suits for all kinds of network marketing companies whether they are small or big. In a binary plan, each member should recruit or sponsor a minimum of two new members. And this results in the fast expansion of the Genealogy tree in a short span of time. In the first line of the Binary Plan, there will be basically two legs, the Left Leg and the Right Leg. And if a person recruits more than two members, the third member he recruited will be placed under the available slot in the Power Leg.
And this process is called Spillover. And the process of spillover allows a new member to be shared between every downline’s power leg, regardless of the person who recruited them. Incase of Profit Leg, the process of Spillover won’t be there. It’s because the Profit Leg will be expanded only with the individually sponsored downlines. Binary Plan is more of quantity dependent other than level dependent. It automatically induces to recruit new affiliates to your organization.
Binary Compensation Plan is one of the most used compensation plans among the leading MLM companies. The reason behind is that most MLM compensation plans pay commissions once a month & many binary plans pay bi-monthly or even weekly and also this plan has the ability to earn a commission from deeper generational levels.

Advantages of binary MLM software

Less amount of risk: Binary business plan has less amount of risks, in comparison to save time and money. MLM software company malaysia design and develop binary plan software which will definitely grow up your business services without having any risk and disadvantages.

Fast expansion: This business plan creates the best platform by which you can quickly expand your business services among the market.

Keep safe database: MLM software company malaysia develop binary business plan software which keeps data of business record very safe and secure. This is not so easier in multilevel marketing to keep a record of the distributors in files, documents. Software makes it easier and kept data record protected.

Binary MLM Plan Properties

Ø Binary MLM Plan is the most popular MLM Plan launched by many Multi Level Marketing companies, hence easy to understand for new MLM joiners and easy to explain by the MLM companies for their customers or members.
Ø Binary MLM Plan may be 2:1 or 1:1 based. It means the Multi Level Marketing companies can have variation for their profit sharing ration amongst customers.
Ø MLM Company can promote their business by growing one side new joiners that called power leg for their customers.
Ø With Binary MLM Plan the Multi Level Marketing companies can introduce other earning options for their customers or members like re-purchase MLM plan, Mobile, DTH recharge facility and many more features with Binary MLM Plan.
Ø Lots of earning options with the Binary MLM plan both for the customers and Multi Level Marketing companies.
Ø Multi Level marketing companies can introduce binary capping hence profit sharing can controlled through binary capping.
Ø Binary payment released may be daily, weekly or monthly basis depends upon the Multi Level Marketing company concept.
Ø Binary Placement with Extreme Left and Extreme Right Concept to create power leg in Genealogy.
Ø Binary Placement with sponsor id and Placement id to get extra binary income through which member / Leader can place ids with his/her choice to build powerful team.
Ø We have dedicated team and experts to make binary plan better for both MLM Leader and MLM companies and create user friendly environment.

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